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In 2018 James Edwards founded First Choice Renovations Inc to better serve the needs of residents in Rochester, NY, and the surrounding area. James has developed three specialized crews to better provide a variety of exterior home solutions. From siding to exterior house painting, our crews can apply their crafts and provide stunning results every time. Our crew members are also committed to continuing their education in the field and regularly undergo new training to stay up to date on all the latest industry techniques and equipment. First Choice Renovations guarantee as a fully insured company we get the job done right, quick, and safely, with no liability to the homeowner. We also do varies walkthroughs with homeowners before during and after completion of the project to ensure satisfaction.


Where the quality exceeds the expense of building trust through the quality of work. First Choice Renovations are dedicated to providing homeowners with the most professional and efficient experience. Whether you're in need of siding, windows, doors, or decks we are there for you to make your home more functional, energy-efficient, and charming.


First Choice Renovations Rochester New York
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